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We can offer you the following other services

Time : 2022-10-21 Hits : 4

We can offer you the following other services

1. Collect samples from different suppliers for customers and send them to foreign customers by
express UPS / DHL / TNT / EMS, we will provide competitive freight rates;

2. Send the goods in the name of Express to protect the commercial secrets of customers, as well
as the address, telephone and company name information of foreign customers;

3. Provide you with customs clearance services at the place of origin and some destinations, and
 inspection services after the goods arrive at the distribution center;

4. When the packaging is poor, strengthen the packaging for customers and make small package

5. Agents are located in cities and airports in various countries around the world, and cooperate
with famous shipping companies to provide customers with preferential rates, such as MSK, MSC,

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