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Is the dedicated line service in Southeast Asia good?

Time : 2022-09-22 Hits : 4

Is the dedicated line service in Southeast Asia good?

1. Pick up the goods

Coastal cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Shanghai have many freight forwarding companies,
so many logistics companies support door-to-door collection of goods, which can save sellers from
having to contact domestic freight companies to receive and send goods; and some are still free
Door-to-door pickup can also save this part of the domestic transportation cost.

2. Southeast Asia special line transportation

The freight company will first find a shipping company or a shipping company to book the space,
and then arrange the goods to be transported to the port, and will be shipped when the time of 

departure is up. After arriving at the destination, it will unload the goods and wait for the consignee
to pick up the goods or deliver them. There are generally no problems with this shipping process.

3. Including Tax

Included tax usually refers to fees including fuel surcharge, destination customs clearance fee,
destination tax and so on. Because the export of goods exceeds the requirements set by the
destination, it is still easy to generate taxes. E-commerce in Southeast Asia is developing rapidly,
and now there are more freight forwarders who provide double-clearance tax-inclusive lines, which
can leave a logistics fee.

4. Double customs clearance service for import and export.

This service includes export declaration of goods and import customs clearance of the destination
 country. Many freight forwarding companies have cooperated with some local customs agents.
The seller only needs to provide the corresponding information according to the requirements of
 the freight forwarding company. After the freight forwarding is confirmed, it will carry out customs
declaration and clear customs at the destination. This efficiency is also relatively high and improves
the overall transportation efficiency of the goods.

5. Tail delivery

Generally, the final delivery will send the goods to the courier or truck for delivery. The express delivery
 time is faster and the cost is higher. If the time is urgent, you can choose express delivery, otherwise it
is more secure to choose card delivery.

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