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It is about transportation on southeast Asian countries.

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The cross-border e-commerce industry in Southeast Asia has developed rapidly in the past two years.
Now more and more sellers choose Southeast Asia e-commerce platforms to open stores, so the
demand for logistics and transportation in Southeast Asia is also increasing. In addition to international
 express, air freight and sea freight lines, Southeast Asia logistics also have land freight lines in some
 countries, so you can choose from more. Which is better? Let me introduce to you below.

1. Southeast Asia special line

Air Line

Air freight is transported to Southeast Asian countries by cargo plane, and after arriving in the
corresponding country, it will be delivered to the local logistics company for delivery.

The advantage is that the cost is cheaper than international express, and the timeliness is also
 guaranteed, the cost performance is relatively high, and it can be completed in about 3-5 days.

Shipping line

The Southeast Asia shipping line is transported by cargo ship to the corresponding port, and then
dispatched to the destination after customs clearance. The carrying capacity is relatively large and
the cost is also the lowest, which is suitable for the transportation of some large products.

However, the disadvantage is also more obvious, that is, the aging time is slow, about 15-20 days.

Land transportation line

For some Southeast Asian countries or regions, the land transportation line needs to be transited
and then transported to the corresponding countries. The transportation time is relatively stable,
 about 10-15 working days. 
In terms of cost performance, it is relatively high.

2. International express

International express mainly includes DHL, UPS, TNT and FedEx four major international express, and

1: EMS is also more commonly used

2: DHL is suitable for small goods under 21KG, the price is advantageous, and it takes about 3 days to
The main advantage of UPS is the large goods above 100KG. The price of large goods is better through

3:UPS, and the timeliness is also guaranteed, about 3-5 days in the Czech Republic.

4:TNT is also suitable for large goods above 100KG, the price is cheaper than UPS, and the transportation
 can be completed in about 7 days.

The main advantage of FedEx is in the 21-99KG segment, and the price of FedEx in this weight segment
 is relatively advantageous.
There are many products supported by EMS for transportation, such as some sensitive products, and

the cost is relatively low, the customs clearance ability is strong, and the aging time is about 7 days.

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