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There is a second round of strikes in felixstowe port.

Time : 2022-09-23 Hits : 8

There is a second round of strikes in felixstowe port.

At the end of August, The largest container port in United Kingdom , Felixstowe was ended its first
 eight-day strike just. The long outage caused a huge impact on entire supply chain, and it will take
a month for the backlog of cargo at the port to be completely cleared. The striking workers won a
7% pay rise and a one-off £750 ($875) offer from Peel Ports Ltd.

However,the Port of Felixstowe sent an official notice from the Port of Felixstowe.Members voted with
92% majority agree with strike action and the union insists on a 10% pay rise, the notice will be in the
Port of felixstowe from Sept 27th to Further strike action during on 5th October (for 8 days). Organizers
estimate the number of people participating in the strike action is currently about 500 people.

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