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What are the transportation methods of FBA logistics in the United States?

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What are the transportation methods of FBA logistics in the United States?

FBA logistics and transportation methods in the United States mainly include: express parcels, special
 line logistics, international express, overseas warehouses and drop shipping.

1: Post parcel mode:

Postal parcels, also known as postal parcels, are currently the most used logistics mode for cross-border
sellers. Under the action of the Universal Postal Union, postal parcels are cheap and have a wide coverage.
 Currently, they have covered 230 countries and regions around the world. Even if it is sent to remote
 areas in Canada, it can still be sent. But the disadvantage is that the aging is slow and the packet loss
efficiency is high. Choose postal parcels are generally small and medium-sized sellers.

2: Special line logistics

Special line logistics includes FBA first journey and FBM first journey/tail journey. Generally, parcels
from many sellers are sent to the destination port by air and sea special line, and then local resources
 are used for distribution after customs clearance. The special line is characterized by fast timeliness
and low price.

3: International Express:

DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT are the four major international express, covering all major countries and regions
 in the world, fast timeliness, safe transportation, excellent customer experience, but expensive, due to
high transportation costs, most sellers do not choose this way.

4: Overseas warehouse mode:

The overseas warehouse model is that cross-border sellers stock up to an overseas warehouse. And 

then through the logistics relationship of the overseas warehouse for the final delivery. This method
 is conducive to the inclination of the platform and improves the shopping experience of buyers, but 

the cost of overseas warehouses is high. Generally, everyone chooses this mode.

5: One piece of drop shipping:

One-piece drop shipping is a commonly used model for novice sellers, with low investment and low 

risk, but sellers in this model cannot understand the quality of the supply. Only by constantly trying

 to cooperate to screen for suppliers that match their own.

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