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It is shipping requirements of dangerous goods

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Dangerous Goods List

When shipping dangerous goods, the shipper of dangerous goods must submit a list of dangerous
goods to the shipping company or its agent in advance according to the regulations on the transportation
and storage of dangerous goods, such as the International Dangerous Goods Regulations.

The list of dangerous goods generally needs to record the following main contents: ship name, voyage,
 ship registry, port of loading, port of discharge, bill of lading number, cargo name, international dangerous
 goods category, mark, page number, UN number, number of pieces and packaging, cargo weight , container
number, seal number, mode of transport and shipping location, etc.

In order to arrange the storage location of dangerous goods in the container yard and the needs of
loading, the shipper must submit a list of dangerous goods when moving the dangerous goods to
 the container yard and freight station, and the operator of the yard will collect them and deliver them
to the ship.

In addition, all dangerous goods must be affixed with the prescribed dangerous goods signs, and the
containers containing dangerous goods must also have the prescribed dangerous goods signs.

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