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Matic Express provide you one-stop service of internatinal shipment service

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Matic Express provide you one-stop service of internatinal shipment service, such as warehouse booking - route arrangement - documents - import and export customs- customs clearance policy - overseas warehouse operation - delivery.

Shenzhen is the "fog valley" of e-cigarettes in the world. After more than 20 years of development and
 precipitation, the e-cigarette industry has grown from savage growth to orderly compliance. With the
 active supervision of the State Tobacco Administration, e-cigarettes have been given a "legal" status.
 Speed up your pace to fly abroad and become popular all over the world.

However, due to the particularity of electronic cigarette products, export transportation requires strong
 inspection and inspection. The electronic cigarette itself is oily and charged, and its magnetic components
hide certain transportation dangers, which makes electronic cigarettes a relatively sensitive item in international

This transportation sensitivity of electronic cigarettes inevitably makes many electronic cigarette
 manufacturers worried, and the cross-border peak season is the time! What kind of logistics should
we choose to ensure the smooth export of electronic cigarettes to the sea?

Matic Express Logistics has the qualifications for international transshipment of electronic cigarettes,

an international express delivery license, and 10 years + professional logistics experience in electronic
 cigarette export. Its operation team is familiar with the logistics policies and regulations of various
 countries, familiar with every link of logistics and transportation, abides by long-termism, and strives
 to ensure the perfect connection of various transportation nodes with a high-quality logistics service
system, so as to ensure that every ticket of e-cigarettes is delivered to the world safely and efficiently.

Matic Express Logistics has been recognized by the industry for its high-quality logistics services.
It has also passed the certification of Shenzhen Airport's whitelist logistics enterprises for electronic
 atomization products, and has reached logistics cooperation with many well-known electronic
 cigarette manufacturers. As the core agent of many airlines, Haosutong Logistics maintains close
business relationship with many airline agents.

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