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It is temporarily closed in LGB8 & LAX9 Amazon warehouse West, U.S.

Time : 2022-10-18 Hits : 13

It is temporarily closed in  LGB8 & LAX9  Amazon warehouse West, U.S. 

From May this year onwards, there has been a serious explosion of warehouses, resulting in a large
number of delays in the booking and delivery of warehouses. Among them, SMF3 is in the United
States time on June 20, 1:30 p.m. notice of external closure, to the original use of the warehouse
and failed to timely into the warehouse of Amazon sellers produced a more serious impact.

According to the latest external news, LGB8 & LAX9 will close the warehouse for some time because
 of some reasons.

LGB8 closing time: August 25, 3:30 pm U.S. time ~ August 29, 7:00 am (the previous reservation full
jump, because this closing time is relatively long, is expected to open again after the reservation will
 be relatively tight)

LAX9 closing time: September 26, U.S. time (specific closing and re-opening time not yet announced)

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