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Matic Express Logistic is an international freight forwarder in China,

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Matic Express Logistic is an international freight forwarder in China, we make shipment service of AMAZON FBA shipping
,DDP,DDP shipping, door to door service.

It is talking about COSCO 

China Ocean Shipping Group (hereinafter referred to as COSCO or COSCO Group) is a large
 multinational conglomerate mainly engaged in international shipping, logistics terminals and
 ship repair and construction. It ranks 327th among the Fortune Global 500. At present, COSCO
 Group owns and controls nearly 800 modern merchant ships of various types with more than
 56 million deadweight tons and an annual cargo volume of over 400 million tons. First in China
and second in the world. Among them, the container fleet ranks first in China and sixth in the world;
 the dry bulk fleet ranks first in the world; the comprehensive strength of professional general cargo,
multi-purpose and special transport fleets ranks in the forefront of the world; the tanker fleet is the
 world's super tanker today. one of the fleet. COSCO Group invests and operates 32 terminals worldwide,
 with a total of 157 berths. According to the latest statistics released by Drewry in July 2009, in 2008, the
 container terminal throughput of COSCO Pacific, a subsidiary of COSCO Group, remained the fifth in
 the world.

Service advantage of COSCO

The COSCO covers about 160 countries and regions in the world.

COSCO provides service of port-to-port shipping and door-to-door services.

Matic Express deliver cargos through COSCO shipping.

1) Container domestic trade ship service ---- Provide domestic port-to-port and door-to-door services,
the shipping schedule is every three days, promote the development of coastal cities and the mainland,
 and provide convenience for the circulation of goods.

2) European line: Yantian every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, June cut off, Nansha cut every Wednesday,
 Hong Kong every Tuesday, six cut, directly linked to ROTTERDAM-HAMBURG-ANTWERP-FELIXTOWE.
The density of shipping schedule covers the entire port cities in South China and inland cities in Europe.
 The shipping capacity of 5000-8000TUE guarantees the space, and the destination port has excellent
service and the highest cost performance.

3) Australia: Shekou closes on Friday, opens on Saturday, direct flights to SYDNEY 11 days, MELBOURN
 13 days, BRISBANE 15 days; it can pick up goods from Foshan, Shunde, Guangzhou, Nansha, and other
 hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, with wide coverage and favorable prices, Fast time.

4) New Zealand route, the first BRISBANE, 11-day direct sailing, is the only fast ship in the South China
 market that directly connects to BRISBANE.

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