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Operation specifications for Amazon FBA shipping instructions!

Time : 2022-09-20 Hits : 9

Amazon FBA can provide cross-border e-commerce sellers with integrated warehousing and distribution

service solutions, and has very strict operating specifications. Improper operation will greatly increase the
seller's warehousing and logistics costs.

Cargo packaging requirements:

So what are the precautions for FBA when packaging and warehousing, 

and what rules do sellers need to abide by in the warehouse? You can see the materials and fillers 

that need to meet Amazon's FBA requirements first, especially pay attention to the markings and
labels on the carton or cardboard.

For example, a six-sided rigid packaging box with a complete box cover needs to be affixed with

 a label on the four sides of each box and pallet to prevent falling off during transportation.

All shipments that are not small parcels need to be loaded with standard pallets, and all shipments

that exceed half a pallet need to be palletized and wrapped with stretch film.

The weight of each box cannot exceed 50lb (limited to 15kg/box in Europe). If it is overweight, 

"Team Lift" needs to be posted on each box. If the weight exceeds 100lb, "Mech Lift" must be 

posted and supported.

Items sold as a set need to be marked with the "Suite" set label on the shipping container, and 

mixed-packed items should also be marked with "Mixed SKU" on the outer box.

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