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What are the special line logistics in Sri Lanka?

Time : 2022-09-20 Hits : 14

What are the special line logistics in Sri Lanka?

For the export of freight from China to Sri Lanka, many sellers will now choose the Sri Lanka 

special line, which can be transported by air or sea. Compared with international express and logistics, Sri Lanka special line not only has favorable price, but also supports bulky goods.

 There are many advantages.

Sri Lanka, the full name of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, is located in the 

Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka is a typical island country. The commodities exported from China to 

Sri Lanka are mainly mechanical and electrical products, followed by textiles and raw materials,

base metals and products, and chemical products.

What are the special line logistics in Sri Lanka?

Shipping line:

The Sri Lanka shipping line is a route that ships directly from the domestic port to the 

destination port in Sri Lanka. The shift is stable and has the characteristics of safety, 

high timeliness, and high-quality service.

Air Line:

The Sri Lankan air freight line is based on the destination airport. The dedicated line service provider
 transports the goods to the local cities in Sri Lanka through cargo planes or passenger planes that
can carry cargo. Some air freight line service providers will provide final delivery services for the goods
according to user needs.

How long does it take for the Sri Lanka special line to arrive?

Shipping time: about 15-20 days;

Air freight line transportation time: about 3-5 working days.


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