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sea shipping - Matic Express Company in China

Time : 2022-11-17 Hits : 7

Matic Express offers freight service for global Amazon through sea shipping, air freight, Express, International railway express or truck shipping.Our service scopes are USA,Australia, Canada,Franace, Germany,Poland, Italy,Spain,Japan,New Zealand and UAE.

It is about AWD warehouse

We help you send or store your inventory to Amazon Warehousing & Distribution (near FBA warehouses) via third-party cross-border logistics and Amazon Cross Border Logistics (AGL) services, It perform timely and automatic replenishment based on the inventory situation in FBA warehouses. Helps your FBA warehouse to keep stock and not limited by storage capacity!

This warehouse automatically replenish inventory to the FBA warehouse. Amazon Sellers from Amazon no longer have to worry about the lack of space in the FBA warehouse resulting in returns, and your ASIN will be in stock on Amazon as long as the AWD distribution center has inventory available for automatic replenishment.

AWD provides a robust delivery network for your orders by integrating offline logistics warehousing with online logistics systems, allowing sellers to monitor their inventory and check the progress of their shipments at any time.

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