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shipping forwarder in China -- Amazon shipping, DDP/DDU, CIF, Door to Door delivery

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Matic Express offers freight service for global Amazon through sea shipping, air freight, Express,

International railway express or truck shipping.

It is about AWD charges ?

1: Storage fee.

You are charged to pay for all inventory delivered to your Amazon Warehouse distribution center with
dry in a month. Amazon calculates these fees according to daily usage and charges only for cubic feet
of space used. It will appear in your Seller Central account within one month of their accrual about
 storage fees each month.

2: Processing fee.

This includes all sending and shipping activities for your shipment in the Amazon Inbound network.
Your shipment leaves the Amazon Inbound Distribution Network and is shipped to the FBA warehouse,
 processing fees will appear in your Seller Central account. 

3: Transportation fee.

For boxes replenished from Amazon's inbound distribution network to FBA warehouses, shipping fees
are charged by the cubic foot. Your shipment is shipped to the FBA warehouse, the shipping fee will be
 shown on your Seller Central account.

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