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The Saudi Ministry of Commerce surveyed consumers' satisfaction with the performance of e-commerce platforms.

Time : 2022-09-15 Hits : 6

The Saudi Ministry of Commerce surveyed consumers' satisfaction with the performance of e-commerce platforms through a questionnaire survey involving more than 6,000 consumers.

The results of the questionnaire show that there are four main challenges faced by Saudi consumers when shopping on e-commerce platforms, namely: unclear warranty and maintenance policies, lack of delivery services in some areas, slow complaint handling, and slow refunds to consumers.

According to the results of the questionnaire, the Saudi Ministry of Commerce approved new measures to work on e-commerce platforms. These measures are to require e-shops to include all warranty-related information in purchase invoices, and to gradually expand the geographical coverage of distribution (including all regions of Saudi Arabia and not limited to major cities) and to provide a variety of transportation and distribution options to ensure that shipments are not delays), e-commerce platforms are obliged to provide solutions for various payment methods, such as "mada" cards and credit cards.

It also includes a requirement to provide consumers with a technical system for managing and tracking refunds to ensure consumers are not confused. There are also e-commerce platforms that display the platform’s contact number when launching a promotional campaign, display the arrival date when purchasing items, add product demos in Arabic (explaining their functions and how to use them), and require product images from different angles.

The Federation of Saudi Chambers of Commerce has launched the Shamel initiative, which aims to strengthen the communication between the Federation and the Chambers of Commerce in economic matters, to unify efforts, to exchange experiences, to help maximize benefits, to improve business, the environment and to empower the private sector in various regions of Saudi Arabia .

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