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What is the difference between sea shipping+UPS and sea shipping+trucking ?

Time : 2022-09-19 Hits : 15

Due to the different delivery methods in the tail-haul, the goods that can be received by sea shipping+
UPS and sea shipping+trucking are different. sea shipping+UPS can pick up many types of goods and
cover a wide range, but it can only pick up small pieces of goods, and sea shipping+trucking can pick
up large pieces of goods. Generally speaking, the weight of sea shipping+UPS cargo is limited to 30kg,
and the length of unilateral cargo does not exceed 120cm.

Shipping times is vary. The timeliness of sea shipping+UPS is higher than that of sea shipping+trucking
, but according to the actual situation of the current shipping market, there are some situations that
will cause the timeliness to be different. Take the American line where Chinese sellers are the most
concentrated as an example.

When the seller's target warehouse is close to the western port of the United States, the time limit of
sea shipping+trucking is more likely to be higher than that of sea shipping+UPS, which is determined
 by the operation process of the two.

After ship goods by sea shipping+UPS arrive at the West American port, because Haipai transports
mostly small pieces of bulk goods, it needs to first arrive at an overseas warehouse or an overseas
transit warehouse - unpacking and sorting - making an appointment for express delivery - arriving
at Amazon's warehouse.

After ship goods by sea shipping+trucking cargo (full container) arrives in Hong Kong, you only need
 to reserve an Amazon trailer and go directly to the Amazon warehouse. Moreover, the general purpose
 warehouse of Hi-Car is the popular Amazon warehouse, which means that the truck fleet operation
process of this warehouse will be very mature, which will greatly shorten the process time, so the final
Hi-Car time efficiency will be higher than that of sea shipping+UPS!

When the seller's target warehouse is close to the US East warehouse, the above situation will change
because most of the lines are docked at the US West Port (Long Beach of Mason Clippers). Also
unloading at the US West port, to transport the goods to the corresponding warehouse in the US East,
 the time limit for tail-way express delivery is obviously higher than the time limit for trucks crossing
the US West to the US East.

In addition, whether the goods are full containers or bulk cargoes, these factors will have different
degrees of impact on the timeliness. Therefore, we have come to the conclusion that the timeliness
of sea shipping+UPS and sea shipping+trucking is affected by multiple factors, and there will be
different results for different situations. Sellers should judge the timeliness according to the properties
 of their own goods, the target warehouse location and the specific conditions of the route, and stock
up reasonably. . 3. The billing methods are different, and the billing methods of sea shipping+UPS and
sea shipping+trucking are obviously different. sea shipping+UPS uses kilograms, that is, the cost is
calculated according to the actual weight of the goods, and sea shipping+trucking generally transports
large goods, so it also needs to calculate the volume weight.

Shipping costs is said in above information, there is an obvious time difference between them,
and there must be a difference in price. Taking the shipping price of the United States in normal times
 as an example, the cost of sea shipping+UPS is about 9-15 yuan/kg, while the price of sea shipping+
trucking is at 8-12 yuan/kg. At the same time, compared with sea shipping+trucking, delivery service
of sea shipping+trucking will also be better, and the terminal delivery capability is stronger.

The specific operation is different. Generally speaking, sea shipping+UPS does not need to make an
appointment and can deliver it to FBA warehouses or overseas warehouse addresses at any time.
However, not all Amazon warehouses can receive goods that be shipped by sea shipping+trucking,
and only some popular warehouses will provide of sea shipping+trucking. In addition, sea shipping+
UPS will have an order number after placing an order, and the follow-up logistics track can be queried,
 which is more reassuring for sellers, while sea shipping+UPS does not have a transfer order number
after delivery.

The groups of users are different. Due to its fast timeliness and more flexibility, Sea shipping+UPS is
more suitable for cross-border e-commerce sellers to send small goods, and the billing method is
simple, billing according to the actual weight, which is more friendly to sellers. On the other hand,
those who issue sea cards are mostly foreign trade merchants, export companies, or big sellers who
 have the strength to withstand greater pressure on stocking.

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