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Container freight rates on the US-Western route plummet by nearly 60%

Time : 2022-09-20 Hits : 5

Freight rates from China/East Asia to the US West Coast were $4,787/40-foot container (FEU), down about 60% from January, and rates from China/East Asia to North Europe were $9,128/FEU, down 42% 

from January.

From a global perspective, as of September 7, the global average freight price was US$5,286/FEU, 

down about 45% from January. From the historical trend, the price trend this year and the same 

period last year intersected, that is, this year showed a downward trend. The ocean freight rate

is lower than the same period in 2021. However, it needs to be explained that the current freight 

rate is still much higher than the average price of $1000-1500/FEU before the epidemic.

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