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How much does Amazon FBA logistics cost?

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How much does Amazon FBA logistics cost?

1: Storage fee

Amazon FBA storage fee is divided into monthly storage fee and long-term storage fee, which refers

to goods stored for more than 180 days to 360 days, and the cost is also higher than the monthly
storage fee.

2: Order delivery fee

The order delivery fee mainly refers to the cost incurred by Amazon to arrange delivery after the buyer
places an order. This is primarily a per-piece fee, with the exact fee depending on the weight
and volume of the item.

3; Order removal fee

The order removal fee refers to the fee incurred by the seller applying to remove the order in the 

background after the product is returned, or if it is unsalable or has residual defective products.

It is also a per-piece fee. Usually it takes about 14 days.

4: Return processing fee

Amazon provides classified return products that buyers can return for free, but will charge return 

processing fees, such as clothing, winning bids, jewelry, bags, etc., but billed per product, so 

there are multiple products in each package , the cost is higher.Product labels for FBA shipments
cannot be mistaken.

The current Amazon warehousing requirement is the FNKU label starting with X00. When printing 

the label, the seller should not type the wrong ASIN code or UPC code. These may cause the
delay or even the inability to enter the warehouse.

The weight requirement for a single box issued by FBA is 50 pounds (about 22.5KG), and the seller
should try not to be overweight when shipping. For overweight shipments, it may be temporarily
put aside, may be delayed on the shelves, or even be asked to explain the situation and provide
a rectification plan. Therefore, sellers should take precautions before shipping to avoid delays and
unnecessary delays. Trouble.

Do not fill in the unit quantity of the product shipped by FBA.

In the process of releasing a product, on the More details page, there will be an option package
quantity, which means how many products are in a package in the products sold, but my suggestion

is to either leave it blank here, Either fill in 1, why? Because once filled in here, it cannot be modified.

Just imagine, if it is a packaged product, for example, it is sold in units of 6pcs, if you fill 

in 6 in the package quantity, how should your title and description be written? If the title says 6pcs,
will the client ask you to send her a total of 36pcs? In order to reduce unnecessary disputes and bad
reviews, the suggestion is to either leave it blank or fill in 1

Finally, there is another tool that everyone should not miss, which is the Amazon FBA logistics
calculator. By entering the weight of the product, the category and the crowd, the system will
calculate the approximate logistics and distribution fee.

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