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How much is the FBA first journey from Shenzhen to the UK.

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How much is the FBA first shipping from Shenzhen to the UK. What is the time limit?

From Shenzhen FBA to the UK, there are sea freight, air freight, and international express delivery.
 Depending on the choice, the time-sensitive price is also different. Of course, it is also very important
to choose the right freight forwarding company. A good freight forwarding company can reduce the
 risk of goods and save a part of it. costs and increased timeliness.

So, how to choose from Shenzhen FBA head to the UK, how to choose better?

If it is a small amount of goods, Chengqi company recommends using the dedicated air channel,
because the overall aging will be faster. Generally, it can be delivered to the designated warehouse
 within 4-5 days. To go a lot, it is recommended to go by sea, although the time is a little long, but
the price is indeed cheap. How much is the first journey to the UK FBA? It depends on the quantity
and type of goods.

Matic Express is the first logistics company to enter the FBA first journey. The scope of services covers
 shipping, express, air, small packages, overseas warehouses, etc., with guaranteed timeliness and safety
. The United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, India, Dubai, Europe
 and other routes have obvious advantages. Since our company entered this industry relatively early,
we have accumulated many customer groups and industry experience. At present, we have gradually
 formed a LCL company with full FBA service.

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