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Shipping from Shenzhen, China to the FTW1 Amazon warehouse in Dallas United States, it only takes 29 days

Time : 2022-09-13 Hits : 3

Matic Express is an international logistics company that focuses on DDP, DDU, FCL, LCL shipping services for 15 years. We help you transport the goods to the Amazon warehouse, the designated place and door -to -door service.Matic Express takes " ARRIVED ON TIME" as its service purpose. This time, we recommend COSCO ship transportation for customers and deliver tea to the FTW1 Amazon warehouse in Dallas,USA . The transportation is fast and timely, and the customer is very satisfied with the method of the transportation. If you have tea products, you need to send it from China to the FTW1 Amazon Warehouse in Dallas, and please contact us at any time.

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