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DDP &DDU shipping service, door to door service, Amazon FBA shipping service

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Customs Matic Express

Our technical experts accurately classify your cargo and to ensure they comply with product-specific
regulations. We are expert in consolidating different goods in one container and clearing customs for
cargo export from China. Through our CHINAPORT customs- clearance network, SA Jet is capable of
 clearing your goods in an efficient and timely manner.

Matic express offers customs services:

▲Agency of Import & Export

▲Inspection & Quarantine Declarations

▲Permits & Quota 

▲Customs Clearance

▲ apply to customs

▲Customs Inspection Attendance

▲Pickup & Delivery

▲Storage & Consolidation

We provide customers with the shipping service, including cargo receipt, loading, lashing, dunnage,
monitoring, customs job and so on.

After several years development, with more than 10 domestic and foreign owners good cooperation,
we won the customers trust and respect of owners.Our main routes include:Middle East, North America,
 South America, Southeast Asia, Africa and others.

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