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We send cargo from China to amazon warehouse in the worldwide.

Time : 2022-11-07 Hits : 5

Amazon set up entry compliance policy update.

Amazon issued an announcement that gaining the trust of buyers and protecting their safety, it is a
 top priority for Amazon. Amazon requires that any individual authorized to make home deliveries to
 buyers undergo a background check and verification in accordance with Amazon's personnel requirement

Unless one of the following conditions is met "Enroll in the Amazon Shop Local program, where Amazon
 helps qualified sellers and the technicians they hire to perform background checks and verification," and
 "have your items shipped by Amazon. It is a violation of Amazon's policies to enter a buyer's home without
one of these requirements. Failure to meet either of these requirements makes entry into a buyer's home
 a violation of Amazon's policies at and may result in restrictions on a seller's ability to sell on Amazon's
online store.

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