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It is about Amazon fba labeling.

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It is about Amazon fba labeling.

 1: It is necessary to use self-adhesive printing for printing Amazon FBA labels,

Not necessarily, A4 paper is also possible, but A4 is easy to blur and wear, you need to pay attention to label on cartons.

2:It is a requirements of Amazon fba labeling, we must have commodity labels and shipment labels, otherwise the warehouse is unable to receive the goods .If the seller has their own combination of products such as products containing free gifts, you need to print the "Do not open the set" label and put it on the opening or closure of the product or the combination.

3.Requirements to label shipped products.

In the Amazon fba shipping need to paste the product label and the outer box label two labels Product label: affixed to the product packaging, either a UPC code or an Amazon system-generated product label.Outer box label: for each wholesale shipment, the corresponding outer box label should be generated according to the actual number of boxes packed

4.Requirements to stick the FBA overweight label

European and American stations are handled differently in U.S. station: single product is more than to be posted, for example, a parcel containing multiple items, according to the requirements can not exceed 50 pounds, if the individual goods more than 50 pounds, need to be delivered separately, and at the top of the "team lift"

Europe station: stick on the outer box, the weight of a single carton can not exceed 15kg, if more than, you need to print "heavy package" and stick on the outer box

German station: need to find customer service for a template

5.shipped to Amazon, forget to stick the outer box label how to do?

Without the label is not into the warehouse, timely contact your first-way freight forwarder to see if you can subsidize, or to subsidize the label through the overseas warehouse

6.Can the product name of the fba label be modified when printing?

Download the tags and use the editing software to edit the changes

7.The same product, several FBA plans, product label is unchanged?

The product label will not change, and you can continue to use it next time after you have used it once.

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