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We provide you shipping service from China to worldwide

Time : 2022-11-04 Hits : 5

We provide you shipping service from China to worldwide, Mainly offer you amazon shipping,DDP  or DDU,door to door service in Shenzhen China.

Amazon FBA Reason for splitting the warehouse.

(1) As for amazon FBA, it is not stored in order to make better use of the inventory capacity of FBA warehouses according to the environment of each FBA warehouse, facilities and the type of products, sub-storage of goods products., to avoid insufficient warehouse capacity, or storage in the warehouse.

(2) We adopt the way of sub-store to store merchants' inventory in multiple operation centers in order to ensure consumer shipping experience.Which avoids the long distance of inventory warehouses and slow logistics and distribution, improves consumers' shopping experience and saves FBA distribution cost.

 Why merchants want to consolidate their positions ? 

(1) Cross-border merchants' products are stored in different Amazon warehouses, the distribution logistics costs of merchants becomes much higher, especially in the initial need to send a variety of products, the computer only needs to send a few products to the FBA warehouse for each listing, the product is more unfriendly to measure the model.

(2) Cross-border merchants' goods are troublesome to manage due to different warehouses, and there is a possibility of backlog of goods, so by storing goods in a warehouse you can centralize inventory management, so merchants want to store product goods in the same warehouse for combined warehouse operations.

(3) So merchants plan to use some techniques for co-locating storage to reduce logistics costs as for amazon's co-location fees are expensive.

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