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International shipment supplier--CIF,DDP ,DDU,Amazon FBA, Door to Door delivery

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International dedicated line:

International dedicated line is one of our important business projects. It integrates the advantages of
service providers all over the world, it has the advantages of good price, controllable process, flexible
operation, good safety, and fast delivery. At present, there are about 40 countries that have opened 

special lines, including special line pay-to-pay services all over the world. Matic Express has a large 

number of high-quality dedicated line channels, mainly Asia-Pacific dedicated line, Middle East 

dedicated line, Russia dedicated line, Indonesia dedicated line, Western Europe dedicated line, 

Australia dedicated line and a series of dedicated lines!

Channels, timeliness, and prices are all very stable. It can normally transport general goods and some 

routes can also transport special products such as batteries, health products, electronic cigarettes, 

cosmetics and a series of sensitive goods, solving customers' transportation troubles! And after 

transporting to the destination, it can also provide customs clearance and delivery door business.

At present, according to the market situation, our company has specially designed high-quality, rich 

and multiple-choice advantageous boutique routes for customers. These services with absolute 

advantages provide customers with high-quality special line express services in the fierce market

 competition. We are convinced that with our huge and irreplaceable transportation network and

 the excellent professionalism and professionalism of our team, you can deliver your goods to us
with more confidence.

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