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International sea or air freight, FCL.LCL,DDP ,Door to Door

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There is an international shipment company in China --Matic Express Logistic, We are focus on

international transports by 15 years in Shenzhen ,Welcome to visit us !

Advantages of agent import declaration:

Your manufacturer (company) needs to provide samples or product manuals, packing list (name, net weight, gross weight, number of boxes, number, product specifications, model, value, use, origin). Attachment: Whether the second receiving unit should be reflected on the tax bill during customs declaration. Whether the customer wants the original customs declaration form and the original tax bill after importing, and whether the customer has other requirements, can be negotiated!

Provide verification form, collect foreign exchange, collect foreign payment, and withdraw cash flexibly.

Acting export tax rebate. General trade (providing cotton cloth, cotton yarn). Contract document customs declaration services.

Export tax rebate business:

1. Your factory/enterprise/company is a general taxpayer-type enterprise, and there are excess input VAT invoices every month (products that need to have tax refunds in exports),

It can be opened to the reputation of our designated company, and our company can refund a certain amount of ticket money to your company, which can increase the income and profit of the company to achieve a win-win situation.

2. Your factory/enterprise/company is an export tax rebate type or general taxpayer type enterprise (such as: textiles, clothing, electronic products, electrical appliances, footwear, wooden furniture, chargers, monitors, mobile phones, cloth, etc.) Verification form, but not enough export products. Our company has good cooperative relations and personal connections with many first-hand dealers and customs brokers in Shenzhen. There are a large number of physical exports, many products, and sufficient cabinets. According to your company's requirements, we can act as an agent for customs declaration of tax refund and verification forms.

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