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provider of sea shipping ,air shipping,amazon FBA,DDP.DDU

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Matic Express is an international shipment company in Shenzhen.We main provide international shipping service for Amazon FBA, Door to Door, DDP,DDU throught sea shipping,air freight,Express,

international railway express and trucking delivery.

We should be paid attention to issues when handling insurance claims for international freight

1. File a claim. Import and export cargo insurance claims can be divided into the following two situations:

1. In the event of loss of international freight export goods, the other party (importer) applies for a claim to the foreign claim settlement agent specified in the insurance policy. The People's Insurance Company of China has two agencies in major ports and cities in the world, entrusting foreign inspection agents and claim settlement agents. The former is responsible for inspecting the loss of goods. After the consignee obtains the inspection report, it attaches other documents and makes a claim to the issuing company. The latter can directly handle the claim within a certain amount authorized and pay the indemnity on the spot.

When an international freight importer makes a claim for import and export freight insurance to a foreign claim settlement agent in China, it must provide the following documents at the same time:

(1) The original insurance policy or insurance certificate;

(2) Transportation contract;

(3) Invoice;

(4) Packing list;

(5) Letters, telegrams or other documents requesting compensation from the carrier and other third party responsible parties, as well as documents proving that the insured has performed the required compensation procedures;

(6) An inspection report issued by a foreign insurance agent or a foreign third-party notary institution;

(7) Maritime reports. The loss of goods caused by maritime affairs is generally paid by the insurance company, and the ship owner is not responsible;

(8) Proof of cargo damage;

(9) List of claims

2. The import of goods belonging to international freight suffers losses, and the importer of our country submits an application for import and export freight insurance claims to the insurance company. When the imported goods are found to be damaged or in short supply after they arrive at the ports, airports or the mainland of my country, the local insurance company shall be notified immediately, and the inspection shall be carried out jointly with the local national commodity inspection department. 

If it is determined that the loss falls within the scope of insurance liability, the local insurance company will issue the "Imported Goods Inspection Report for Invalids". At the same time, the insurance company will pay compensation for the accident liability for cargo damage caused by foreign consignors, carriers, port authorities, railways or other third parties, as long as the consignee completes the recovery procedures from the above responsible party. However, for the quality and specification liability issues belonging to the foreign consignor, according to the provisions of the insurance company, the insurance company is not liable for compensation, but the consignee should ask the national commodity inspection agency to issue a notarized inspection certificate, and then the consignee will pass the foreign trade. The company files a claim against the shipper.

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