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It is about peakfulfillmentfee

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Matic Express Logistic is international freight forwarder in Shenzhen China.We offer shipping service of Amazon FBA shipping, DDP,DDU ,door to door .We deliver cargo  to Amazon Warehouse,oversea warehouse,commercial address or doorstep, we also make double customs clearance service for customers.

It is about peakfulfillmentfee

For many years, we have continued to evolve how we charge fulfillment fees to better reflect the
underlying operational costs, while ensuring that we provide a great value for sellers.As we look
ahead and prepare for the busy holiday shopping season, we expect greater utlization of our
fulfillment network. Across the supply chain, this creates increased operating costs during this
holiday peak period.

As a result, similar to other major carriers, we will introduce a holiday peak fulfillment fee from Oct
15th to Jan 14th,2023.The cost will be an average of USD 0.35 per item sold using US and Canada
FBA.For specific fees by size and weight and for changes to other fulfillment methods, please visit
the links below.

Our partners are incredibly important to us, and this is not a decision we made lightly.The entire
industry sees increases in fulfillment and logistics costs during the holiday peak period due to the
 concentrated volume of shipments. We have previously absorbed these cost increases, but seasonal
 expenses are reaching new heights. As a result, we decided that similar to other carriers, we will
implement a holiday peak fulfillment fee that applies during a time bound period each year.

Amazon FBA continues to provide a very high level of service to customers and a great value for sellers.
 With this change, Amazon's fulfilment fees during this peak period will remain an average of 30% less
expensive for slower standard shipping methods than other major third-party logistics providers, and
average of 70% less expensive than comparable two-day shipping alternatives.

To find a detailed rate chart applicable for your business, please visit the relevant Seller Central help
 pages for more information.

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