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If you only need to ship a small amount of cargo, you can save money by using a cheap FCL Shipment. While this shipping method is less convenient, it is ideal for shipping fragile items.

LCL shipping is less convenient than FCL

There are several significant distinctions between LCL (Less Than Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load) shipping. The best option for your shipment is determined by the volume and nature of your cargo.

reliable LCL Shipment is a low-cost method of transporting a small batch of shipments. It entails combining multiple pallets into a single container. The shipment is then routed through several passes before arriving at its destination.

LCL shipping also facilitates delivery appointments. This can be beneficial to small businesses with limited inventory. You can also benefit from peak season, when it is easier to find LCL shipments on the market.

A small quantity trial order can be a great way to test the product or supplier. Getting the goods ahead of time can also help to reduce the financial risk of a large initial inventory purchase.

LCL is less expensive than FCL, but you will have to pay slightly more per unit freight. This is due to the fact that you are paying not only for the volume of the container space, but also for the weight of the cargo.

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