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There are various aspects to consider whether you choose to send your goods by sea or by air. The primary one is the shipping cost. In general, sea freight is less expensive than air freight. However, you should be aware of the possibility of losing your products. When you ship LCL (less than container load) freight, the risk increases.

Costs of shipping by sea

Whether you are importing from China for the first time or exporting from China to the United States, it is critical to understand the expenses of shipping kilograms via water. There are numerous elements that influence the cost of shipping kg by water.

The most popular mode of freight movement is by sea. It employs steel containers with predefined universal dimensions. These containers can be shipped by ship, rail, or truck.

The cost of shipping from China to the United States is determined by the volume of your shipment. If you transport items in a 40-foot container, the fee will be between $10 and $30 per CBM.

SFUC is a low-cost method of shipping freight directly from China to the United States. It provides quick shipment and effective customs processing.

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LCL cargo is more prone to get damaged or destroyed than airfreight

There are some factors to consider whether you want to ship by air or water. These factors include travel time, expense, and flexibility.

Air freight has greater flexibility than ocean shipping. Air carriers have constantly flying planes and can instantly modify their loads. Shipments might also be split up at the destination airport. This results in less delays. It is also less costly. In general, the costs are transparent.

A full container load is more expensive than a less-than-full container load. However, if you only mail a few tiny products, you can get a lesser pricing. For example, if you transport a safe, you will be paid based on its dimensions rather than its weight.

The price is also determined by how your shipment is handled. Some shipments are treated gently, but many are handled harshly. This can lead to physical harm or theft. When packing your goods, using a pallet can help to reduce the chance of damage.

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