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Transfer Warehouse Service From Oakland to China

Moving a warehouse to China or just your personal belongings out of Oakland, California—whichever you're doing, COSCO Shipping Group's service is the ideal answer. You can be sure that your items will be delivered in perfect condition thanks to their years of experience. Additionally, the business has the necessary certifications to manage international freight transport.

COSCO Shipping Group

China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO), one of the biggest shipping firms in the world, was established in 1961. In addition to operating container ships, it also provides terminal services, freight forwarding or freight forwarder, ship repair, and shipbuilding. The organization wants to dominate the logistics sector.

More than 160 container ships and more than 750,000 TEU are available at COSCO Shipping. COSCO Shipping Lines offers multi-modal transportation options and conducts business in more than 160 nations. Customers can track the whereabouts of ships and their movements around the world in real time on the company's website. Customers can view a map of every COSCO vessel on the planet by visiting the website.

Using semi-submersible vessels, Cosco Shipping specializes in the transportation of specialized cargo. Multipurpose vessels, log and asphalt carriers, heavy lifts, and ice class vessels are some of the company's specialty carriers.

Additionally, COSCO Shipping Services provides LNG shipping to more than 300 ports around the world. In addition, the business transports liquid propane and other bulk cargo items. Its fleet consists of semi-submersible, multipurpose, and ice class vessels.

Additionally, COSCO Shipping has a presence in North America. COSCO Shipping visited America for the first time in 1979. This time, the business made use of a vessel called Hope. The incident severely damaged the ship and its cargo, and a chemical spill hurt a number of workers.

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